Exhibitor Profile

Exhibitor Profile: Material Adhesives of all types Acrylic, Epoxy resin, Cyanacrylate etc. Greases and Oils, Lubricants, Coolants Plural component materials such as Polyurethanes, Epoxies, Resins, Silicones Conformal Coatings Sealants Thermal Interface Material Thermally Conductive gap filling materials Potting compounds Coating Encapsulation materials Pastes Joint sealing compounds Equipment Dispensing machines, dispensing guns Curing & Drying machines Dispensing Consumables and accessories Syringes, cartridges, needles, barrels, bottles, nozzles, tips Dispensing valves Metering & monitoring pumps Dispensing robots and attachments Pressurized Fluid dispensers Hot melt application systems Mixing systems Spraying Systems Filling Systems R&D centres, Testing facilities System Integrators